Over 150 volunteers hailing from 12 countries join the IDF, 45% are American

Israel received over the summer 153 new IDF volunteer recruits from 12 countries. The majority are from the US and France, but a few have even made their way to the Jewish State from the ends of the earth: South Africa and Australia.
Photo Credit: Dana Shraga, Israeli Defense Ministry/Channel 2 News

About 153 young adults from 12 different countries arrived in Israel over the summer in order to volunteer for the IDF, according to a report published today (Sunday) by the Israeli Defense Ministry's Social Defense Branch. The new recruits comprised of 122 boys and 31 girls will begin their service in the July-August drafting period, starting with a preparatory program ahead of their recruitment.

With nearly half (45%) of the volunteers coming from the US, American Jews lead in number while 38% hailed from France, followed by a few from Mexico, Australia, Canada and South Africa.

In preparation for their induction, the soldiers will undergo physical and mental preparation, including field treks, training and meetings with IDF officers, trips throughout Israel, visits to heritage sites and museums, Hebrew study and meeting with various groups within Israeli society.

Israeli Minister of Aliyah and Integration Sofa Landver congratulated the new immigrants: "I wish you a pleasant and challenging service. I am sure you will do so with the same motivation that motivated you to come here. We’ve prepared you for your military service, we will guide you through it and we will also be there with you to prepare you for civilian life.”

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