15 million NIS in weapons' security: Bio-metric readers, new security cameras, additional fencing

Following last week's break-in at a military base in the Negev during which over 30 automatic weapons were stolen, the IDF has allocated 15 million NIS towards installing advanced security measures across all its bases. Although whether the guns were stolen for criminal or terrorism use is still under investigation, reoccurring incidents over the years instigated this increase in security.
Illustration Photo Credit: Netanya Police/Channel 2 News

The IDF has decided to allocate 15 million NIS towards reinforcing and securing military arsenals on bases throughout the country. The investigation into a recent incident during which 33 weapons were stolen from a base revealed the possibility that the robbery was done with assistance from within.

In the past few days, the IDF recorded all weapons at each base with the intent to increase security, investing 15 million NIS for installing and implementing the use of additional security measures such as fences, cameras and biometric identification.

Just about a week ago, 33 automatic weapons were stolen during a breach at the Sde Teiman army base in the Negev. Similarly  13 Leo missiles, 77 grenade launchers and a Matador missile were stolen from the same base this time last year. Although the year-old case had been solved and charges were filed against a company commander (Major), his father and his driver, and Israel police officers briefed the IDF on what security measures needed to be taken on the base, it appears that recommendations were not implemented.

The Israel police has criticized the IDF and stated that the stolen weapons will either serve criminals for mutual assassinations, or in the worst case, these weapons will be used by terrorists for attacks. In parallel to the Israeli military police investigation into the theft’s circumstances, IDF Southern Command Major General Eyal Zamir established an investigative committee under Colonel Itai Brin’s command. Initial examinations revealed there were no signs of a physical “break-in” in the area which raises suspicions that soldiers from inside the base helped the thieves.

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