IDF Military Police Corps opens criminal investigation into Palestinian double amputee’s death

The Military Police Corps’ Criminal Investigations Department has decided to launch an investigation into the death of Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a disabled Palestinian from Gaza. Abu Thuraya was killed during a violent riot in Gaza near the security barrier last month. The Palestinians blame the IDF for his death.
Riots near the Gaza-Israel border Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar/Flash 90

The IDF Military Police Corps’ Criminal Investigations Department announced on Thursday that it has decided to investigate the incident in which Ibrahim Abu Thuraya, a disabled Palestinian from Gaza, was killed. The IDF’s Southern Command investigated the incident and the allegation that Abu Thuraya was killed by Israeli military forces and concluded that the exact cause of his death cannot be determined. However, the IDF stressed that no live fire had been aimed at him.

Last month, Abu Thuraya, a wheelchair-bound double amputee, was killed during a riot in Gaza near the security barrier. The Palestinians claim that he was killed by IDF fire. “As has been stated in the past, from the operational probe that was carried out regarding the incident, it has been concluded that the IDF forces that were dealing with the riot did not shoot live rounds at Abu Thuraya,” the Criminal Investigations Department stated.

When the IDF’s Southern Command looked into Abu Thuraya’s death, the investigators did not have any details about his injuries because the Palestinian authorities in Gaza refused to share them. Criminal Investigations Department officials explained that they have received new information from agencies in Gaza about Abu Thuraya’s deaths and therefore decided to look into the incident themselves.

As reported by JOL last week, a medical report obtained by the Associated Press determined that Abu Thuraya died from a bullet striking his head. According to the medical report, Abu Thuraya died from significant bleeding in his brain after a bullet hit just above his left eye.

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