IDF creates military WhatsApp for soldiers, commanders

Two soldiers saw that there was a problem with how soldiers communicate with one another because they use tools that expose the IDF to its enemies. Thus, they came up with the idea to create an encoded network that will allow soldiers and commanders to share classified information without taking any risks.
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Soon, IDF soldiers will be enjoying the service of a new App called Manishma (which is an acronym in Hebrew for operational call management system), the military version of WhatsApp. The new App operates on an encoded network that allows users to send text messages, pictures, videos and audio files that are classified as secret. The App will be used by IDF headquarters before combat soldiers will be allowed to use it.

“There is operational dialogue during war that occurs in a lot of ways and some are not good, meaning that they are exposed to the enemy,” explained Omer, the commander of the IDF’s Matzpen Unit that developed the App. “Here, it will be possible to centralize all the information in one place that will be connected to the control and monitoring center of the IDF.” The new software will allow soldiers to not just communicate with other soldiers but also with the system. The system will identify the user and send him or her messages with relevant information. “It will improve the dialogue between commanders and soldiers,” promised Omer.

“It all started with a few young soldiers in our unit who saw that there was a need and within a few months, they presented the idea for the product,” said Omer. The software is already being tested these days in military training drills that the IDF is conducting.

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