In light of terror wave: IDF launches new project in West Bank

During the current terror wave, the IDF’s Central Command has noticed that many civilians are having trouble explaining to security and rescue forces where terror attacks occurred, which prolonged the time it took for the forces to arrive. In light of this, the IDF initiated a new project that is aimed at making it easier for civilians who are unfamiliar with the area to explain where they are located.
Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

In light of the terror wave and security situation in the West Bank, the IDF initiated a new project that will hopefully assist security forces in locating the victims of terror attacks. As part of the project, the IDF placed signs with large codes written on them along main roads. The new project is called Avney Derech (milestones in Hebrew).

The project was designed in order to overcome the difficulties civilians have encountered when they are trying to report a terror attack. On many occasions, civilians found it difficult to explain to the security forces exactly where the attack took place, which prolonged the time it took for the forces to arrive.

On the signs, numbers and letters are written, which indicate to the forces where the civilians are located. The IDF officer who is in charge of the project said: “The purpose of the markings is to allow every person who finds himself in a security incident to report his location even if he is unfamiliar with the area.”

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