Judges in IDF military appeals court to rule on Hebron shooter Elor Azaria's case

A week and a half after his release to house arrest, the military court will reach a decision regarding Elor Azaria's appeal. Azaria, an IDF soldier convicted of killing a neutralized terrorist in Hebron, was sentenced to serve 18 months in prison.

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Judgment Day for Azaria: About half a year after he was sentenced to 18 months in prison for the killing of a neutralized terrorist, Elor Azaria will appear today at the military court in Tel Aviv for a hearing on his appeal against his conviction. The judges will also announce their decision regarding the appeal filed by the prosecution challenging the leniency of Azaria's sentence. If his conviction and punishment remain unchanged, Azaria will begin serving his sentence in Prison 6 near Haifa.

Azaria's lawyer, attorney Yoram Sheftel, appealed against both the conviction and the punishment, while the Military Advocate General's Office demanded a harsher punishment. After a mediation meeting between the prosecution and the defense in June proved unsuccessful, it was decided that Azaria's fate be determined in court.

Azaria's appeal was submitted in early May, four months after the manslaughter conviction. "Although we are two defense attorneys fighting for the innocence of a Jewish soldiers,” Sheftal said at the hearing. “There are millions of attorneys who are praying for the safety and innocence of the soldier Elor Azaria.”

Azaria was released from mandatory military service 10 days ago and sent to full house arrest for the first time since he was arrested a year and a half ago. 

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