IDF officer who fled terror attack scene relieved of duty

The IDF determined that an officer who witnessed a fatal terror attack last month will be relieved of duty due to the fact that he fled the scene instead of dealing with the terrorist.
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An officer in the IDF’s Armored 401st Brigade was relieved of duty after it was determined that he failed to act as required during a terror attack last month in Jerusalem. At the end of the investigation into the terror attack near Ammunition Hill, the IDF determined that the officer acted contrary to how he should have acted during such an incident.

According to the investigation’s findings, the officer who happened to be at the scene fled instead of dealing with the terrorist. In light of this discovery, the 162nd Division commander decided to dismiss the officer.

Meanwhile, the 162nd Division commander also decided to send a letter to the officers under his command, instructing them to reiterate to their soldiers what is expected of them in such a situation. The commander ordered the officers to talk with their soldiers about the subject and stress that they need to try to end such a terror attack as quickly as possible in order to save civilian lives.

In addition, the commander said that the officers need to mentally prepare their soldiers for such an incident. The commander added that he views the aforementioned incident as an unusual occurrence that does not reflect the ethical and operational behavior required of the officers and soldiers under his command.

One of the scenes of the terror attack Photo Credit: Kol HaOlam Kolo/Channel 2 News

Last month, JOL reported that a terrorist from East Jerusalem murdered two Israelis and injured several more when he carried out a shooting attack at three different locations in Israel’s capital city.

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