IDF officer says Hezbollah not capable of infiltrating Israel, taking over territory

As the large-scale IDF drill in northern Israel comes to an end, a senior IDF officer told reporters that Hezbollah is not capable of conquering Israeli territory. The military exercise simulates a mock battle against Hezbollah forces that managed to infiltrate an Israeli community near the border and take hostages.
IDF soldiers during the drill Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

The massive IDF drill in northern Israel simulates a mock battle against Hezbollah. As the exercise nears its end, a senior IDF officer commented on the threats Israel is facing along the country’s northern border and clarified: “There’s no possibility of Hezbollah being capable of taking over a territory in the State of Israel.”

According to the officer, Hezbollah is not capable of effectively facing the IDF forces. “With all due respect for their abilities, and I do have respect [for them], its [Hezbollah’s] abilities will not enable it to conquer Israeli territory for long but it will surely claim that it took over.”

“We see the training that Hezbollah has gained in Syria and against that we are building our offensive and defensive plans,” he added.

The scenario that the tens of thousands of IDF soldiers and reservists are dealing with in the drill is similar to what the officer mentioned. The drill simulates a Hezbollah invasion of an Israeli community along the border. “We don’t like to sweep a violation of [Israel’s] sovereignty under the table and we are making Hezbollah pay a price,” he said. “As long as Hezbollah’s troubles are clear, its weak spots and [our] abilities to influence its fighting are clearer.”  

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