Stun grenade injures IDF officer during military exercise

An IDF officer arrived at one of the Israel Prison Service’s facilities in order to watch the Nachshon Unit soldiers’ military exercise. At a certain point, the combat soldiers threw a stun grenade accidentally injuring the officer’s eye when shrapnel flew by her. She was transported to the hospital and later released home.
IDF stun grenade Photo Credit: Shuki/Wikipedia

According to a report this morning (Tuesday) from Army Radio, an IDF officer was injured while watching an Israel Prison Service military exercise. The incident occurred two weeks ago while the officer was visiting one of the Israel Prison Service’s facilities.

During the exercise in which the officer also participated, combat soldiers from the Nachson Unit, which is the Israel Prison Service’s operational unit, demonstrated how to throw a stun grenade. At a certain point, the officer’s eye was injured from shrapnel that flew by her during the demonstration.

The officer received medical treatment, was transported to a hospital and was later released home. The Israel Police opened an investigation regarding the circumstances surrounding the incident.

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