IDF paratroopers to train with U.S airborne brigade in NATO exercise

Exercise Swift Response is held amid growing concerns over the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula.
NATO fighter jets dropping paratroopers.

NATO launched a large-scale military exercise in Europe that will host for the first time IDF paratroopers, who will parachute on European soil, 74 years after Jewish paratrooper Hannah Szenes parachuted in Yugoslavia to fight Nazi Germany.

The exercise, named Swift Response, will host 19 nations and thousands of soldiers from the U.S, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Poland and Portugal. The exercise will include parachuting, raids and urban warfare in a multi-national cooperation. The Israeli paratroopers will train with the U.S EUCOM 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

In recent years, European nations strengthened their exercises and military cooperation as part of growing concerns regarding the Russian invasion of the Crimean Peninsula. Israel's participation is not unusual, due to its military experience and expertise, which is desired among many European nations.

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