IDF reveals how Hamas exploits civilian population in attempt to restore terror infrastructure

The IDF revealed on Thursday that Hamas continues to use the civilian population in Gaza while it tries to restore the terror infrastructure that was destroyed in Operation Protective Edge. Israel’s military released the pictures of two new Hamas targets- buildings in different locations in Gaza that were previously used by civilians.

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While it appears that Hamas is not interested in another conflict with Israel at the moment, the IDF continues to monitor the terrorist organization’s activities throughout the Gaza Strip. IDF Southern Command head Eyal Zamir revealed on Thursday morning that Hamas is trying to restore its terror infrastructure, which was destroyed by the IDF over the past few years, and sometimes, this work is carried out from within civilian buildings.

“Israel is making a continuous intelligence effort to expose the military infrastructure of Hamas ever since Operation Protective Edge,” Zamir explained. “This led to the significant intelligence uncovering of the organization’s military assets. Most of Hamas’ military facilities are located inside civilian structures- civilian homes, schools and mosques. Inside the buildings, there are headquarters, weapons arsenals and rocket launchers. In most of these buildings, there are entrances to tunnels, which were created from inside the buildings in order to hide them and make it harder to attack them by using the civilian cover.”

During the next conflict between Israel and the terrorist organization, these former civilian buildings will become legitimate targets for the IDF in accordance with international law. Palestinians who allow Hamas to use their property are endangering not only themselves but also their families.

The two former civilian buildings Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Zamir presented two examples of civilian buildings that were converted into Hamas assets recently. The first example is a building inside the Al-Shati Refugee Camp. The six-story structure was built two years ago and under it, the entrance to a network of terror tunnels was discovered.

The second example is a building located in the city of Beit Lahia. A Hamas terrorist lives in the building with his father, brother and five children. Inside the building, an entrance to a tunnel that leads to a nearby mosque was discovered. From the mosque, terrorists can enter a network of terror tunnels.

“These are just two examples out of the hundreds [that exist], which show that Hamas is exploiting the civilian population,” Zamir added. “During a conflict, these Hamas buildings are part of our bank of targets.”

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