IDF introduces new, upgraded military equipment

The IDF's Technology and Logistics Division has unveiled new upgrades in the equipment offered to its soldiers: New work uniforms, lighter vests, improved helmets and new sights for their weapons. The most exciting upgrade of all? Unmanned hummers.
IDF introduces new equipment Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Lighter, safer and more comfortable: The IDF's Technology and Logistics Division unveiled new combat equipment today (Thursday) which includes lighter, moisture-wicking uniforms to be issued first among the elite units and eventually to all IDF units. Soldiers will also receive safer helmets with easy clasps to quickly install ad-on equipment, customized lightweight vests and special water bags with a straw to replace the old unwieldy canteens.

After they complete basic training and upon their arrival in their designated operational units, soldiers will also receive new and improved footwear, knee protectors and weapon sights. All of the upgrades to the army's equipment are especially focused on the soldiers' comfort and needs.

The new equipment also includes protective goggles, thermal gloves and other quality winter apparel. The Technology and Logistics Division has announced that they will also be distributing special equipment bags intended to preserve the soldiers' tools and accouterments over time.

Possibly the most exciting new addition to the IDF's arsenal will be the Automatic Hummer- unmanned and controlled from afar. The new technological development will be introduced over the next few years for operational use and the Technology and Logistics Division intends on expanding the automatic system to all types of military vehicles.

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