IDF female soldier who shot at terrorist says she wasn’t alone

Lieutenant Maya Peled, the female officer who shot at the Jerusalem terrorist who murdered four IDF cadets yesterday, dismissed the claims that soldiers at the scene fled because they were afraid to shoot: “Other cadets came from all directions. I wasn’t there alone. There were a lot of people who took part in it, demonstrated resourcefulness and remained calm.”

Footage of the terror attack

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After the footage of yesterday’s deadly terror attack in Jerusalem was released, many started to question the soldiers’ response. In the video, many soldiers were seen fleeing the scene. Some even claimed that the soldiers were apparently terrified to use their weapons and shoot the terrorist in light of the Elor Azaria case. However, soldiers who were at the scene have started to come forward, wishing to clarify that they did not flee the scene because of fear. “It looked really bad [in the video] but we weren’t certain that there was really a terror attack going on when it happened,” explained Lieutenant Maya Peled in an exclusive interview with Channel 2 News.

“We were tense,” she continued. “I understood that something was not right here. At the same time, I loaded my gun and when he started to reverse, we fully understood that this was a vehicular attack. We heard one shot. Someone, I don’t know who, stopped the truck. Then I went to the lowest step of the bus and shot the terrorist as I was shooting toward his window.”

Maya Peled Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Peled said that despite the rumors spreading about the soldiers’ reaction to the terror attack, she was not the only one shooting at the terrorist. “Other cadets came from all directions,” she said. “I wasn’t there alone. There were a lot of people who took part in it, demonstrated resourcefulness and remained calm.”

The scene of the terror attack at Armon HaNetziv Photo credit: Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

“I’m completely content with the way we handled it,” she added. “The criticism from people and the media doesn’t concern me and it doesn’t concern my cadets because we were there and no one needs to come and tell us what happened.”

Peled said that there were cadets who fled the scene because that is what their commanders ordered them to do. “Not all the cadets needed to take part in responding to the terror attack,” she said. “There were cadets whose commanders told them to intentionally pull back. There was a large number of cadets there and everyone had a weapon. An incident of friendly fire could have easily happened there.”

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