IDF soldiers recorded setting storage unit on fire in Nablus

A video received by Channel 2 News depicts two IDF soldiers setting a Palestinian merchant’s storage unit on fire in Nablus. The soldiers threw a burning object at the woodshed and it immediately went up in flames. The IDF has opened an investigation regarding the incident.
The soldiers threw a burning object at the woodshed Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

A video received by Channel 2 News portrays two IDF soldiers throwing a burning object at a Palestinian lumber dealer’s storage unit. The incident occurred in the morning, so the security cameras were able to record everything.

In the video, the two soldiers wearing IDF vests and helmets approached the outdoor storage unit. They then placed a burning object on the lumber, which caused 150,000 NIS in damage, and quickly escaped.

“I am surprised that soldiers behave like this,” the Palestinian lumber dealer told Channel 2 News. “They are supposed to represent the country and the military. I do not understand what sin I did that caused them to act like this, as there were no confrontations. I am very angry and we expect to receive compensation and an apology from the military.”

“Instantly after receiving the video, the Central Command Commander instructed to begin an immediate investigation of this serious incident,” the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit stated. “At the end of the debriefing, the commander will present his conclusions and will take all necessary measures required.”

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