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IDF Soldiers Use Only Their Hands to Defend Themselves Against Stone-Throwing Onslaught

Over 200 Palestinians threw stones and homemade grenades at IDF forces during a violent uprising in the territories. The soldiers were able to use only their hands to defend themselves against the dangerous onslaught.

Feb 04, 2014, 12:00PM | Maya Yarowsky
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As Palestinians threw stones and homemade grenades at IDF soldiers during an uprising last weekend in the territories, the soldiers were left with only their hands as a method of self-defense. The video displayed above reflects the harsh nature of the reality that the IDF faces in the West Bank, captured near the Jalazone Refugee Camp close to Ramallah.

The uprising spread over a period of two to three hours last Friday, with a number of the soldiers incurring minor injuries as a result of the violence. One of the Palestinians attempted to throw a homemade grenade at one of the soldiers, was shot as a result and suffered more serious injury.

Another Palestinian was also seriously injured, with eleven more only lightly injured following the encounter. “The uprising was larger than we thought it would be, but it is not something that we haven’t seen in the past”, said an IDF source.

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