IDF suspects spread of skin disease at southern Israel training base

Dozens of soldiers were sent home after doctors at the base discovered symptoms of impetigo, a highly-contagious skin infection.
Photo credit: Hadas Porush, Flash 90/Channel 2 News

Dozens of IDF soldiers serving at the Shizafon base in southern Israel were sent home on Wednesday after several cases of impetigo, a highly-contagious skin infection, were discovered there.

"They found symptoms on one soldier and then they just started sending home everyone who had it," said a soldier serving at the base. "And then more and more guys caught it."

The army is reportedly also investigating whether some soldiers faked the sores on their skin in order to be sent home.

"Right now they're not letting anybody out," the soldier added. "They're trying to send all the sick soldiers home and they ordered us to clean all the rooms."

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