19 years after his disappearance: IDF to resume search for Guy Hever

19 years after his mysterious disappearance, the search for IDF soldier Guy Hever will resume tomorrow. The IDF stated that many units will be participating in the search missions in the Golan Heights and Jordan Valley regions.
Guy Hever Photo Credit: Guy Hever website/Channel 2 News

Tomorrow (Monday), the IDF will launch intense search missions in the Golan Heights and Jordan Valley regions for missing IDF soldier Guy Hever, who disappeared from his military base in August 1997. The IDF stated that many efforts have been made throughout the years in order to locate the soldier. The IDF added that some of those efforts are still being made today.

It was also stated that several units will be participating in the search missions. “The State of Israel and the IDF are deeply committed to their children who are missing in action and those who are being held in captivity,” continued the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit. “The IDF will continue to do everything in its power in order to solve the case of Guy Hever’s disappearance.”

For years, the Hever family has been claiming that he was abducted by Syrians, an allegation that was investigated several times by Israel. However, it is widely estimated that Hever never left Israel.

Hever was last seen on August 17, 1997, at an Israeli Artillery Corps base in the Golan Heights. He was last seen near the soda machine on the base when he was wearing his military uniform and armed with his military rifle, which has also never been located.

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