IDF soldiers with seniority still harass ‘rookie’ soldiers

While the IDF believed that it managed to eradicate the ‘rookie and senior’ phenomenon, a WhatsApp message sent to new Golani Brigade soldiers revealed otherwise.
Photo credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/ Channel 2 News

While the IDF believed that it managed to eradicate the ‘rookie and senior’ phenomenon in its infantry battalions, a WhatsApp message proved otherwise. Golani Brigade soldiers who had just completed their training course received a message with 30 detailed rules of what they’re allowed and forbidden to do, including: ‘No afternoon naps unless granted approval’ and ‘never shout.’

Section 12 of the message stresses the need to conceal these rules from the command staff and states. The rest of the sections discuss a range of issues from the soldiers’ everyday life. For example, a rookie isn’t allowed to enter the showers while a soldier with seniority is showering without permission and a rookie must respect the soldier with seniority by giving him a bus seat.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit responded: “The IDF sees the ‘rookie and senior’ issue in a severe manner as it is inconsistent with its ethics. Every case that is discovered is treated with the full severity of the law and many actions are taken to battle and prevent the phenomenon. The case in question is under examination in the Golani Brigade and if found to be correct will be handled accordingly.”

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