IAF continues to investigate fighter jet crash landing; Former IAF Commander talks with Channel 2 News

Yesterday, an Israeli Air Force pilot was killed after he ejected himself from his jet as he was returning from an airstrike mission in Gaza. After the incident made headlines, former Commander of the Israeli Air Force Eitan Ben Eliyahu spoke with Channel 2 News and explained what could have led to the serious accident.
Cohen Nov Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

The initial findings of the investigation into the fighter jet crash that occurred yesterday (Wednesday) are expected to be revealed in the next few days. Meanwhile, former Commander of the Israeli Air Force Eitan Ben Eliyahu explained to Channel 2 News last night what could have led to this serious accident in which Major Ohad Cohen Nov was killed.

“In these cases, it’s important to not quickly examine the evidence because such a review could continue for a long period of time but we can discuss the facts we already know,” explained Ben Eliyahu. “We know that the jet was on its way back from an operational mission. There was an explosive device on one wing and the jet had released the other device that was on the other wing. As a result, the jet was not very balanced and it was leaning towards the heavier side. This isn’t something unusual, pilots know how to deal with this. Landing in the evening hours is also not a rare occurrence.”

“This means that were early signs before the landing that should have alerted this [possible] outcome, meaning that something happened during the landing,” continued Ben Eliyahu. “Maybe, as the tires were touching the ground, without any connection to the pilot’s actions, one of the tires was worn out and blew up.” Ben Eliyahu said that this could have caused the pilot to lose control of the jet, “leaving him no choice but to abandon the jet in order to prevent a more serious outcome.”

“When a pilot discovers that there is a problem as he is about to land, one of his options is to open the engine, take off again and make new preparations for a landing,” continued Ben Eliyahu. “An attempt like this could have also happened here.”

34-year-old Cohen Nov is survived by his pregnant wife and their baby daughter. The navigator who was flying with Cohen Nov survived the accident and sustained minor injuries.  

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