Israeli Air Force attacks Syria in response to mortar fire

The Israeli Air Force attacked cannons belonging to the Syrian regime in response to mortars being fired into the Golan Heights last night: “The IDF won’t tolerate attempts to harm the State of Israel’s sovereignty.”
Archives Photo Credit: News Intelligence

The Israeli Air Force attacked last night targets in Syria after mortars landed in the Golan Heights. The IDF bombed cannons belonging to the regime in the Syrian Golan Heights. “The IDF sees the Syrian regime as responsible for everything that goes on in their territory and won’t tolerate any attempt to harm Israel’s sovereignty.”

Yesterday, at around 9:00pm, a mortar shell was fired from Syria and landed in the Golan Heights. It landed within an open area. The mortar was fired after the cease-fire went into effect yesterday at 7:00pm between Assad’s regime and most of the rebel groups based upon an agreement reached between the United States and Russia last weekend.

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