Israel receives 10 new fighter jets

In the last few days, ten F-15D fighter aircraft landed in Israel along with several transport aircraft of the Hercules model and a number of smart bombs.
The "Buzz" is used to achieve aerial superiority Photo credit: Chezi Shmueli/Channel 2 News

In light of the military aid agreement signed in Washington this week between Israel and the United States, ten F-15D fighter jets were sent to Israel during the past several days. The aircraft landed in Israel after long years of service in the Air National Guard. In addition to the F-15s, Hercules transport aircraft were also received as well as GPS guided JDAM smart bombs.

In Israel, the veteran F-15 fighter jets are nicknamed "Buzz" and have been serving in the Israeli Air Force (IAF) for almost 40 years. The planes are used by Israel mainly to achieve aerial superiority and attack targets deep within enemy territory. While most of the new planes are expected to integrate into the existing system, some will be used as spare parts for other operational aircraft.

The planes that arrived Photo credit: Chezi Shmueli/Channel 2 News

“The new aircraft serve as a technical and maintenance opportunity,” stated the IAF. “Their arrival will allow us to use them as spare parts, improving the operational availability of the Buzz fighter jets.”

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