Netanyahu warns Israel's enemies as newest anti-missile defense system is unveiled

The PM attended a ceremony marking the launch of David's Sling, Israel's newest anti-missile defense system, which will join Iron Dome and the Arrow system.
Syring, Netanyahu shake hands at the ceremony Photo credit: Amos Ben Gershom, GPO/Channel 2 News

During a Sunday ceremony marking the launch of the IDF's newest anti-missile defense system, David's Sling, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said those who threaten Israel's existence "will find themselves under an existential threat."

"The David's Sling system joins our previous technological developments such as the Iron Dome and the Arrow systems," Netanyahu said. "Together they will protect Israel, its citizens and its cities."

"The innovation of our people and the combat spirit of our soldiers make us twice as powerful as our enemies," he added, "and allow us not just to defend our home front, but also to achieve military victories."

The ceremony was also attended by US Vice Admiral James Syring, the head of the American Missile Defense Agency. Netanyahu expressed his gratitude to the US for supporting the system's development.


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