Israeli Border Police receive new protective neck collars

Israeli Border Policemen in Jerusalem and the West Bank will wear from now on a special neck guard that will protect them from life threatening stabs to the neck. Over 1,000 collars have already been distributed.
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Israeli Border Policemen have been facing a serious risk throughout the terror wave since they are prone to fatal neck stabs by terrorists. A special neck collar that is supposed to protect the policemen has recently been distributed to the forces.

Over 1,000 collars have already been distributed to the forces in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Most of the collars were distributed to the forces that are stationed in the sensitive areas of the region.

The protective neck collar Photo Credit: Bamahane/Channel 2 News

The police began acquiring such collars 9 months after the IDF already began using them. The IDF already distributed 850 collars to soldiers stationed in the West Bank.

As reported by JOL two days ago, a policemen and policewomen were stabbed in their upper body and necks. Israeli Border Policemen told Channel 2 News that "there is no doubt that if they were equipped with these collars, the results would've been different."

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