Women’s Boat to Gaza intercepted by Israeli Navy; No incidents reported

The Zaytouna-Oliva was intercepted by the Israeli Navy this evening. The interception occurred about 80 kilometers (approximately 50 miles) off the coast of Gaza.
Illustration Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

This evening (Wednesday), the Israeli Navy intercepted the Zaytouna-Oliva, which was sailing towards Gaza. The boat was being used by the Women’s Boat to Gaza group. According to the organization, the 15 pro-Palestinian women who were on the boat were trying to break the naval blockade that Israel is imposing on the Gaza Strip.

The boat was intercepted about 80 kilometers (approximately 50 miles) off the coast of Gaza. The 15 female passengers did not resist.

As reported earlier by JOL, the women, none of whom are Israeli, continued to update their social media followers from the boat as they were sailing towards their destination. However, their live transmissions were occasionally cut off due to mysterious reasons. “We will not give up and never stop,” wrote one of the women in a Facebook post. “What will happen in the next few hours? We are waiting to find out.”

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