Israeli security establishment forbids IDF personnel from entering certain countries due to terror threats

Channel 2 News recently discovered that the Israeli security establishment received concrete information about terrorist organizations planning to attack IDF soldiers and officers abroad. Due to this new information, the Israeli security establishment updated the list of countries IDF personnel are prohibited from visiting.
Illustration Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Recently, Channel 2 News obtained a document indicating that the Israeli security establishment believes that terrorist organizations are planning to harm IDF soldiers and officers in Israel and abroad. Thus, the Israeli security establishment issued a series of guidelines and updated the list of countries IDF personnel are prohibited from entering.

According to the document, several terrorist organizations have planned to carry out attacks against Western and Israeli targets in the past year. The Israeli security establishment, which includes the Mossad, the IDF’s Military Intelligence Directorate and the IDF’s Operations Directorate, believes that the potential threat has recently become more serious and that IDF soldiers and officers will become possible targets for these terrorist organizations in several countries.

One of the reasons for this development is the series of successful operations carried out by the US-led coalition against ISIS. Another reason is the number of terrorists who were trained in Syria and then returned to their Western countries of origin. Recently, the Israeli security establishment discovered that terrorist organizations have attempted to gather information about Israelis and Jewish people abroad in order to plan a series of attacks. Thus, the Israeli security establishment has issued several guidelines in order to warn and protect the IDF soldiers and officers who are planning to travel abroad. In addition, the Israeli security establishment decided to expand the list of countries IDF soldiers and officers are prohibited from visiting.

Some of the countries were already included in the existing list such as Jordan, Egypt, Morocco, Kenya, Chechnya and Azerbaijan. Some of the countries that were recently added to the list in light of the potential threat include Turkey and the Turkish part of Cyprus (Northern Cyprus).

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