Jerusalem terror attack: Police and Shin Bet arrest terrorist’s brothers

The Israel Police and the Shin Bet arrested the three brothers of the terrorist who stabbed two police officers at Herod’s Gate in the Old City of Jerusalem this morning. The brothers expressed their support for the attack and it is currently being examined whether they assisted in its execution.

Watch: Footage from the terror attack, this morning

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Jerusalem District Police Chief Yoram Halevy talked to the media this evening (Monday) and addressed the decision to close off Sultan Suleiman Street, East Jerusalem’s main street, following the terror attack that took place earlier today at Herod’s Gate in the Old City. “We have not brought down the level of alertness for one moment,” he told Channel 2 News. “We will do the same even if terror attacks occur in West Jerusalem.”

Halevy explained that the decision to close off the street was reached in order to involve local residents in the recent incidents and prevent them from continuing on with their normal routines. “Anyone who has been to East Jerusalem can see that life there continues as if nothing happened despite the fact that two police officers were injured today,” he stated. “We will act in a similar fashion both in East and West Jerusalem.” As part of the measures that have been decided upon following the terror attacks, cameras and other devices that can assist the police in protecting local residents will be placed across Jerusalem’s streets.

Israel Border Police officers at the scene of the terror attack, today Photo Credit: Reuters / Channel 2 News

The decision to close off one of East Jerusalem’s main arteries is part of a new and unusual policy implemented by the Israel Police that will harm business owners who have shops along the road. The decision will also harm public transportation in the area and hinder the ability of East Jerusalem residents to reach different parts of the city. The decision to completely block off the road for traffic, which is expected to stay in effect until tomorrow, may be the result of the night run that is scheduled to take place in the Israeli capital tonight, in which 3,000 runners are expected to take part.

In the terror attack that took place this morning, a terrorist stabbed and injured two police officers that were on their way to the police station. In footage of the incident, the terrorist, a resident of East Jerusalem in his 20’s, can be seen attacking the officers from behind, severely injuring a 28-year-old policewoman in the neck and mildly injuring a 45-year-old policeman, who managed to shoot and neutralize the terrorist a short while later.

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