Leading rabbi calls for uprising over inclusion of women in IDF combat duties

Rabbi Zvi Tau told his students this week that female IDF troops are "an existential problem," urging them to launch a civil protest.
Rabbi Zvi Tau Screen capture: Channel 2 News

Rabbi Zvi Tau, a leading figure in the ultra-Orthodox national movement in Jerusalem, has referred to the inclusion of women in IDF combat duties "an existential problem" for Israel, urging his students to launch a civil protest over the issue.

"This should be protested out in the streets, it's called civil rebellion," Rabbi Tau said in his weekly class. "The real question is – do we want to live like animals or like human beings? We're going to make sure everybody finds out about this."

Rabbi Tau's remarks join those of his former student, Rabbi Yigal Levinstein of the pre-army religious academy in the West Bank settlement of Eli, who said earlier this week that religious women who join the IDF are "driven crazy" and end up being "non-Jewish."

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