Maximum Alert on The Border with Gaza: Israel Closes Highways

Route 25 and other smaller side roads were closed near the border in light of Hamas threats
Highway leading to Gaza Wikimedia Commons

The Southern Command of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) decided to reinforce the Gaza Division and close several roads in southern Israel for fear that the forces of the Islamic terrorist group Hamas will open fire on Israeli vehicles in revenge for an exchange of fire, in which two snipers from the Hamas military wing were killed.

Route 25 and other smaller side roads were closed near the border in light of Hamas threats and after Israeli soldiers noticed that the terrorist group began to abandon their positions in the Gaza Strip, a move that Hamas usually makes as caution before launching an attack on Israel.

"In light of the Hamas declarations and the evacuation of Hamas observation posts, the Southern Command decided to raise the level of alert and close a series of roads in the Gaza periphery," said the military spokesman.

Route 25 is the main road that leads to the kibbutz (collective village) Nahal Oz, which is located in the vicinity of the Gaza Strip. The inhabitants of the area were asked to use alternative routes.

"Outside of that, there are no special instructions for the Rearguard or Internal Front," the military spokesman said.

On Tuesday, two terrorists from the Hamas military wing, the Izz ad Din al Qassam Brigade, opened fire from an observation post during an exercise in the Strip, the Israeli Defense Army interpreted that it was being attacked and responded with the bombing of accuracy of a combat tank, which immediately eliminated the threat.

The IDF later confirmed that the shots were not aimed at the soldiers but were part of a Hamas training exercise inside the coastal enclave. The IDF defended its decision to attack the Hamas checkpoint given the information it had at that time.

Hamas promised to avenge the two dead terrorists, saying it would not allow Israel to "impose a policy of bombing its sites and attack the fighters without paying a price."

"The Israel Defense Forces will act to ensure the safety of the inhabitants of the area and will not allow civilians or Israeli soldiers to be harmed. The IDF is prepared for a variety of scenarios, "said the military spokesman.

Hamas said the two terrorists were snipers participating in a drill, and identified them as Ahmad Marjan and Abd al Hafiz al Silawi, both 23 years old. Six other Palestinians were injured in the incident, according to Gaza media.

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