Security forces arrest several Hamas terrorists in West Bank

Israeli security forces recently arrested the members of several Hamas terror cells in the West Bank. The members of a student terror cell were arrested after they raised funds for Hamas and recruited new members. The members of a terror cell that carried out a shooting attack in 2015 were also arrested.
Hamas Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

It was cleared for publication today (Sunday) that the Shin Bet, IDF and Israel Police recently arrested the members of several Hamas terror cells in the West Bank. Among the terrorists who were arrested are a group of students and Palestinians who carried out terror attacks near Jerusalem.

Last month, several students at Birzeit University who are members of the Hamas-affiliated student union Kutla Islamiyah were taken in for questioning due to Hamas’ widespread efforts to strengthen its hold in the West Bank. The investigation into the students revealed that they held rallies, recruited new members and raised funds for Hamas on and off campus.

In addition, the members of another Hamas terror cell were arrested recently. The terrorists were responsible for terror attacks near Har Adar and Ma’ale HaHamisha. The Shin Bet discovered during the investigation that the terror cell members, all of whom are residents of the Palestinian town Biddu, planted explosive devices in the West Bank and threw stones at IDF forces in the area. In addition, they were involved in a shooting attack that was carried out near Har Adar in 2015.

The Shin Bet and IDF also arrested another Hamas terrorist, a resident of Jamma’in. 20-year-old Muhammad Aazi planned to carry out terror attacks against Israeli targets along with 22-year-old Noor Aldin Ghaith, who was also arrested. According to the Shin Bet, the two were planning to carry out shooting attacks against civilian and IDF vehicles in the West Bank.

As part of their preparations for an attack, they surveilled a main road in the area and collected metal nails. The two planned to scatter the nails on the road so that the vehicles would stop, making it easier for them to shoot the targets. It was suspected that Aazi purchased a gun for the attack and during the investigation, the weapon was discovered. In addition, it was discovered that the two made explosive devices that they planned to throw at the Israeli targets.

Indictments will be filed against the suspects soon. “The Shin Bet along with the IDF and the Israel Police will continue to work to thwart and prevent the plans of terrorist organizations,” said the Shin Bet in a statement.

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