Military prosecutor claims Azaria lied, changed story 5 times

As the high-profile trial against Elor Azaria nears its final stages, the military prosecutor submitted his final arguments to the Jaffa military court.
Elor Azaria Photo Credit: Ezri Amram/Channel 2 News

Today (Monday), the prosecutor submitted to the Jaffa military court his final arguments against IDF soldier Elor Azaria. The prosecutor claimed that the evidence that was presented to the court shows that Azaria is guilty of manslaughter and inappropriate behavior.

According to the prosecutor, the videos from the scene “are very authentic and were not edited or changed in any way.” The prosecutor also said that Azaria lied and changed his story five times. “His claim that everyone is lying is problematic,” the prosecutor explained. “It’s impossible that the company commander, battalion commander, brigade commander and a significant number of his comrades are lying and he’s the only one speaking the truth.”

In March 2016, Azaria shot a neutralized terrorist in Hebron who stabbed an IDF soldier along with another terrorist. Azaria claims that he feared for his life and was acting out of self-defense. The terrorist who he shot later died of his wounds.

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