Watch: Operation Protective Edge from the perspective of IDF soldiers in Gaza

Two IDF Engineering Corps officers recorded the missions they carried out during Operation Protective Edge. Three years later, they released the footage, which shows the destruction of a Hamas rocket launcher and the discovery of the entrance to a terror tunnel.
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Three years after Operation Protective Edge, the footage recorded by IDF combat soldiers from within Gaza is being revealed for the first time. The footage shows the battle against Hamas from the perspective of the soldiers. The videos were taken by two IDF Engineering Corps officers who served together in the same company.

The footage shows the IDF forces destroying a Hamas rocket launcher, which was used by the terrorist group shortly before the video was recorded in order to target Israeli cities. The video also shows the destruction of a Hamas terrorist’s home, which was used as a storage facility for ammunition.

The destruction of a Hamas terrorist's home Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

In another video, the officers documented the entrance to a Hamas terror tunnel, which was concealed under a kitchen sink in a private home. The soldiers arrived at the home after receiving a tip. In the footage, the soldiers are seen opening the kitchen cabinet and discovering the hole, which they destroyed shortly thereafter.

The opening under the sink Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

“The documentation is part of the mission,” explained Captain Liron Pesach, one of the officers who recorded the footage. “There are operational photographers who join the forces and are allowed to document and there are also soldiers who have GoPro cameras on their headgear. Nowadays, almost every combat force has documentation capabilities.”

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