Speaking to new IAF flight course graduates, PM says IAF 'at its peak'

During a graduation ceremony for 35 new IAF pilots, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reiterated that Israel will defend itself from threats from both Hamas and Iran.
The flight cadets at their graduation ceremony Photo credit: Chaim Tzach, GPO

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday the Israel Air Force is "at the peak of its capabilities" and reiterated that Israel will defend itself against threats from both Iran and Hamas.

"We are continuing to face major challenges in the north, south and east," Netanyahu said during a graduation ceremony for 35 new IAF pilots. "Our policy is clear; we will not allow the Iranian army to entrench itself in Syria to harm us and we will take strong action to prevent the development of high-precision, deadly weapons pointed at us."

Addressing the volatile situation in Gaza, Netanyahu said, "We want the local population (in Gaza) to live their lives in peace and quiet, but the decision on whether or not there will be quiet in Gaza depends, first and foremost, on Gaza."

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman hailed the technological breakthroughs made in the IAF in the past decade. "The IAF is the decisive blow of the IDF and it is expected to face several never-before-seen challenges," Lieberman said.

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