Palestinian man killed during clashes with IDF troops after trying to assault them

The IDF says a Palestinian man armed with a large metal object tried to attack soldiers and steal a rifle from one of them. Other soldiers hit him with their rifles and caused his death.

Watch: Surveillance footage of the incident

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A Palestinian armed with a metal pole tried to attack IDF soldiers who were on a mission to locate terror suspects in Jericho early Thursday morning. The man was killed as a result of the soldiers' response.

The IDF has said the man threatened to harm the soldiers and tried to take a rifle from one of them. Some of the other soldiers hit the man with their rifles – without shooting – and caused his death. The incident is under investigation.

IDF forces in the West Bank Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Surveillance footage of the incident shows the Palestinian man approaching the soldiers with a large object in order to harm them. They then pin him to the ground, but he continues to resist arrest. The soldiers proceed to use their weapons in order to neutralize the man. A knife has been found strapped to his body.

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