Palestinian rioter shot near Israeli-Gaza border by IDF soldiers

An IDF squad shot a Palestinian who was rioting near the security fence on the Palestinian side of the Israeli-Gazan border near Khan Yunis. Another incident occurred this afternoon near Nahal Oz.
Archive Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

An IDF squad was operating close to the security fence on the Israeli side of the border today (Friday) after approximately a hundred Palestinians gathered and began rioting on the other side. The incident occurred near Khan Yunis. The IDF soldiers opened fire on a Palestinian rioter who was evacuated from the scene for medical attention.

At another scene, more than a hundred Palestinians gathered and threw stones at IDF soldiers who were working near Nahal Oz. The Palestinian rioters also lit tires on fire near the security fence. The IDF soldiers responded by using riot-control equipment. No injuries were reported among the soldiers.

Meanwhile, the IDF announced that the West Bank will be sealed off during the Sukkot holiday.

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