IDF arrests Palestinians who ordered items online to make weapons

Israeli security forces discovered a network of Palestinian online buyers who were ordering items and then using them to manufacture lethal weapons. Last night, the IDF arrested nine Palestinians who were part of the network.

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Last night (Tuesday) IDF forces raided a store that sells weapons in Nablus. This raid was part of an extensive operation, which has been going on for several months, against West Bank establishments that manufacture and sell improvised weapons.

Customs agents at Israel’s Ashdod Port seized a shipment of air guns that were bought online and arrived at the port via the postal service. After the shipment was seized, the Israeli authorities launched an investigation and discovered an entire network of Palestinians who were creating weapons for terror attacks. The West Bank residents purchased air guns, which are somewhat considered a legitimate toy, online and then when they receive them, they added parts to them and turned them into real, dangerous weapons.

A senior level IDF officer stationed in the West Bank said: “For many years, we hadn’t seriously dealt with the weapons problem [but] we changed our approach and it has yielded results.” According to the officer, about 170 weapons were confiscated in 2015 and more than 500 were seized in the following year.

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

During the raid in Nablus, which the IDF conducted along with the Shin Bet and Israel Customs Administration, nine Palestinians were arrested on suspicion of trafficking weapons. Many weapons and parts of weapons that were used in shooting attacks were also seized.

The owner of the store and the other eight suspects were taken in for questioning. During the operation, it was discovered that some of the suspects operate a bridal dress shop that was used in order to order some of the online packages containing items that were eventually used to produce lethal weapons.

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