Future IDF soldiers petition against female integration into new combat units

In light of the new proposals to integrate women into more combat units, a petition is gaining support among future male soldiers, calling on the IDF Chief of Staff to cancel them. The IDF awaits the petition in order to respond.
New proposals call for integrating women into tank units Photo Credit: Reuters/Channel 2 News

Young 18-year-olds from military preparatory programs wrote a letter of petition to IDF Chief of Staff Gadi Eizenkot, calling on him to cancel the new directives to integrate female soldiers into the Armored Corps and other combat units. The letter was revealed yesterday (Monday) and is due to be delivered to the Chief of Staff in the coming days.

The organizers of the petition claim that hundreds have already signed it over the last few days. "We, the students who await our draft for military service, are obligated to maintain the Jewish values and beliefs upon which we were raised," wrote the young soldiers-to-be.

"The new directives for new co-ed units will make it very difficult for anyone who wants to have a meaningful service in the IDF while maintaining a religious lifestyle," they added.

The letter concluded with, "We call on you, as the Chief of Staff, to cancel this new directive for co-ed units and to strengthen the Military Rabbinate's standing; to save the IDF from foreign values that weaken the spirit of victory and in this way allow many of us to have a meaningful service."

In light of this petition, the IDF says it will respond once the letter is received. "The directive for co-ed units is designed to preserve the IDF as a national army," the IDF stated. "It was done to elicit equality, respect and tolerance for each soldier, male or female, and with the spirit of the IDF. We will respond to the petition after we have received it."

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