Classified Photos Leaked by IDF Soldiers

Hadashot says other images of a secret tank and a naval commando operations center also found their way onto the internet
The IDF General Staff visits the F-35 stealth fighter jet squadron on the Nevatim air base in southern Israel on July 10, 2017. Photo: IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Israel Defense Forces soldiers took photographs of classified equipment and then posted them on the internet, exposing sensitive material to the public.

Among the photos was one of an Israel F-35 stealth fighter in an underground bunker at the Nevatim base in the south of the country, Hadashot TV news reported Tuesday. The photo showed the plane being armed while a “foreign entity” was seen attending to the craft, the report said.

Hadashot did not say where the photo was published.

According to the report, the air force takes care to not photograph its F-35 carrying weapons so as not to give away information about its capabilities or the equipment being tested with it.


In addition, a technician at a tank base in the Golan Heights photographed a secret tank and posted the photo to a military forum.

A tank officer who saw the photos told Hadashot, “This is shocking, like an act of espionage. Anyone who does something like this is aiding Israel’s enemies.”

The IDF tank corps has various designs of tanks carrying classified equipment.

In a third incident, a navy serviceman took a photograph in the navy’s commando unit combat war room, a key command center for the elite unit, the report said. The photo was uploaded to the same internet military forum, apparently hosted by the Hadashot website.

The confidential photos were all taken by soldiers and officers, none of whom had permission to publish the material, the report said.

After army officials became aware of what happened, they took measures to ensure all the photos were removed from the web.

The report did not say when any of the photos were taken or put on the internet.

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