They've got mail: Terrorists have been ordering weapon parts online, getting them in the mail

In a joint security operation with the Israel Police, security forces discovered that various weapon parts and materials were being sent to the Palestinian territories in the mail. Footage from the operation shows some of the disturbing finds from the cellar of the Israel Postal Service.
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Tonight (Wednesday), Channel 2 News broadcasted footage from a joint security operation that took place in the cellar of the Israel Postal Service's sorting center in Jerusalem. Following a series of deadly terrorist attacks in which the terrorists used improvised weapons manufactured in the West Bank, the Israel Police and Shin Bet came to the conclusion that the terrorists have been acquiring their weapons on the Internet and receiving them by mail.

The joint operation, led by the Security Division of the Israel Police's Operations Branch, together with members of the Israel Postal Service, the Tax Authority and the IDF, did indeed discover that terrorist organizations and lone terrorists were systematically using the mail to obtain advanced weapons and materials that they order online.

Investigating suspicious packages sent overseas to residents in the West Bank, the security forces discovered various parts used to manufacture improvised rifles- the very rifles used to carry out a number of deadly terror attacks in recent years. Other finds include advanced laser sights, materials to make explosive devices, metal detectors and advanced reconnaissance tools including drones.

According to the Israel Police, there is no doubt that the early detection of the weapons and materials has helped thwart terror attacks already in advanced stages of planning.

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