Religious Zionist group leads new campaign against integrating women into combat units

Continuing their ongoing protest against the Joint Service Order, a new campaign uses street signs, leaflets and Facebook in order to demonstrate their opposition to gender equality in the military.
Hanging signs up at major intersections Photo credit: Brothers in Arms/ Channel 2 News

This week, a new campaign was launched as part of the ongoing struggle led by religious Zionist rabbis against the Joint Service Command. The rabbis claimed that implementing the order will threaten the religious lifestyle of yeshiva graduate soldiers. The new campaign includes street signs and religious teens distributing flyers explaining what they see as the problematic nature of the IDF’s new orders.

The campaign is run by a team called "Brothers in Arms," which runs a Facebook page and also wrote a petition against the command. "We all love the IDF," the campaign Facebook page proclaimed. "We want the IDF to be strong and victorious. Let's watch over it.  Save the IDF. Stop the joint service!"

The flyers Photo credit: Brothers in Arms/ Channel 2 News

In a series of flyers distributed over the past few days at several major intersections around the country, the campaign managers have outlined their position: "For no reasonable explanation, the IDF has undergone a change that hurts its female soldiers, its operational capabilities and all of our safety.”

According to the campaign, IDF leaders have in recent years been promoting the trend of integrating women into the IDF out of a "radical feminist approach that advocates blurring the differences between men and women." Another flyer proclaimed: "The army is not a tool for advancing agendas - it is the army of the people."

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