Report: US-based groups help finance Israeli NGOs calling for IDF draft dodging

An organization called Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN), which offers financial support for Israeli teens who refuse to enlist in the IDF, is reportedly behind the recent refusal letter signed by 63 Israeli high school seniors.
IDF soldiers in Hebron Photo credit: Wisam Hashlamoun, Flash90

A decision by 63 Israeli high school seniors to publish a letter declaring their refusal to serve in the IDF may have been supported financially by US sources, the Jerusalem Post reported on Sunday.

An Israeli NGO called Reservists on Duty, founded in 2015 by IDF reserve combat soldiers and officers, told Ron Dermer, the Israeli Ambassador to the US, that another Israeli NGO called Mesarvot, which encourages teens to dodge their military service, is financed by a US-based organization called Refuser Solidarity Network (RSN).

On its official website, RSN admits that it "provides grants to Israeli refuser organizations."

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