Soldier injured in Operation Protective Edge joins army friends for first reserve duty

When his army friends received their first call to report for reserve duty, Ohad Ben-Yishai knew that he would join them. Even though he was critically injured during Operation Protective Edge, he showed up to accompany his friends on this journey.
Ohad and one of his friends Photo Credit: IDF website/Channel 2 News

Shortly after the IDF entered Gaza during Operation Protective Edge, Ohad Ben-Yishai, a combat soldier in the Egoz Unit, was critically injured. Today, Ben-Yishai is still trying to recover from his serious injuries. Throughout the process, his army friends have been right by his side to accompany him. This week, almost three years after the injury, his army friends reported for their first reserve duty since being released from the IDF and Ben-Yishai was there with them.

“It was unclear whether Ohad would survive,” Shimon Ben-Yishai said regarding his son. “He fought for his life for long months. Since the injury, Ohad has undergone a number of complex surgeries and the rehabilitation process is ongoing. As time goes by, we are seeing a trend of improvement. Ohad shows up every morning for difficult treatments without any excuses.”

Photo Credit: IDF website/Channel 2 News

This week, more than a year after he was released from the hospital and moved to a rehabilitation facility, Ben-Yishai accompanied his friends during their first reserve exercise. While Ben-Yishai did not participate in the drill, he was a part of everything else: the meals, the team-building exercises and the nights under the stars. “It was the most natural and clear [thing] that Ohad would come with us for the reserve duty,” Yaniv Cohen, one of Ben-Yishai’s army friends, said. “He’s our full partner in everything.”

“He returned home beaming,” his father said. “This day reminded me of better times that were almost forgotten. This team has a special bond. Even when they are moving on, they don’t forget who was left behind.”

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