Soldier who was stabbed in terror attack testifies for defense in Hebron shooting trial

The IDF soldier who was stabbed just before the Hebron shooting occurred six months ago testified on behalf of the defense today in the Elor Azaria trial. In his testimony, the soldier claimed that he was not questioned about the incident immediately after it happened. The soldier also said that he feared that there was a bomb at the scene just like Azaria.
Elor Azaria Photo Credit: Ezri Amram/Channel 2 News

The IDF soldier who was stabbed six months ago during the terror attack that was immediately followed by the Hebron shooting took the witness stand today (Sunday) in order to testify for the defense in the trial against Elor Azaria.

The soldier said that the terror attack was a situation he was not used to and admitted that this was the first time he had come face to face with a terrorist. “They told me that the incident wasn’t handled properly and that there was a violation but no one explained to me why I wasn’t questioned about the incident during the investigation,” said the soldier. In addition, the soldier said that his commanders called him to ask how he was recovering but never asked him about the incident. According to the soldier, he was only asked about the incident when he returned to the army after a month and a half. “No one questioned me immediately after the incident,” he said.

The soldier also backed up the defense’s claim about Azaria fearing that the neutralized terrorist was still a threat because he was wearing an explosive belt. “When they were putting me in the ambulance, I started to hear shouts about the terrorist still being alive and that he is probably wearing a bomb,” recalled the soldier. “This is how I knew that the incident wasn’t over. When people started to scream that there might be a bomb. I also started panicking because I noticed that I was on the stretcher just a few meters from the terrorist.”

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