Stabbing attack: Palestinian terrorist eliminated after moderately injuring IDF officer

The terror wave continued this morning as an IDF reservist officer was stabbed by a Palestinian terrorist in the Israeli settlement of Efrat. The terrorist moderately injured the officer before he was eliminated. This terror attack comes after a weekend filled with terror attacks in Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Footage of the terrorist being spotted before the attack

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A Palestinian terrorist stabbed an IDF reservist officer this morning (Sunday) in Efrat. The officer sustained moderate injuries from being stabbed in the stomach. The terrorist was eliminated at the scene. The wounded officer was transported to Jerusalem’s Hadassah Ein Kerem Hospital. According to residents of the Israeli settlement, the terrorist infiltrated the settlement over the night and hid in the bushes in order to attack IDF soldiers. In light of the terror attack, the security at the educational institutes in the settlement will be increased.

The hospital staff said that the officer was stabbed near his armpit and that he is conscious. According to Efrat residents, the terrorist infiltrate the settlement at around 2:00 AM, when a suspicious figure was seen about 400 meters (approximately 437 yards) from the settlement. The settlement’s security unit and IDF forces were called to the scene in order to search for the suspicious figure. “The terrorist was hiding in the bushes and then jumped out in order to stab the officer,” stated an Efrat resident. “Several knives were discovered on the terrorist’s body. We praise the security forces for preventing a more serious terror attack.”

The scene of the attack, today Photo Credit: Divuhi HaRega/Channel 2 News

As reported over the weekend by JOL, 2 attempted terror attacks and 3 terror attacks were carried out in the last 48 hours. In light of these terror attacks, the IDF decided to increase its presence in the West Bank.

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