Syrians documented the remains of the UAV sent to spy against Israel

Earlier today, an IAF Patriot missile intercepted a Hezbollah UAV near the border in the Golan Heights area. The IDF confirmed that the aircraft- manufactured by Iran and operated by Hezbollah- has been destroyed.
Parts of the UAV landed in Syria Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

According to IDF reports, an IAF Patriot missile intercepted a Hezbollah UAV earlier today (Tuesday) in northern Israel. The missile was reportedly fired from a battery near Safed. The UAV was likely on a reconnaissance mission in the Golan Heights demilitarized zone. 

The UAV was reportedly launched from an airbase near the Syrian capital of Damascus, and once the Israeli missile intercepted it, parts of the aircraft fell back into Syrian territory.

Parts of the UAV landed in Syria Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

Defense Minister Liberman referred to the incident at a ceremony held in honor of the new year at the Elbit factory in Arad. "I heard about the penetration of a drone from a hostile country into Israeli territory. We managed to deal with it and take it down," he said. "This is proof of the IDF and the defense establishment's readiness. There is no other army with preparedness like this," he continued. "I am sure that we are facing challenges, and we will know how to deal with them."

The launch site Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

“As we understand, it was on a reconnaissance mission along the border and the Golan Heights on behalf of Hezbollah,” said an IDF spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Jonathan Conricus. He also told reporters that Israel still does not know if the drone was armed but that “our intelligence suggests it was...Iranian-made.”

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