Leading city in number of IDF reservists: Tel Aviv

More than 37,000 IDF reservist soldiers live in Tel Aviv, according to the new data released by the IDF today.
IDF reservists Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Statistics released by the IDF on Thursday indicate that 71% of the army’s manpower comes from the various reserve units. The division of the reservists according to their place of residence reveals which cities are home to the most reservist soldiers.

According to the statistics, 83% of the IDF reserve manpower are men. About 25% are officers. 11% of the reservists who were active for more than three days in 2016 are parents. The average age of an IDF reservist soldier is 32.08.

Selected cities and the number of reservists:

Tel Aviv: 37,156 reservists (7%)

Jerusalem: 28,252 reservists (5%)

Haifa: 21,242 reservists (4%)

Beersheba: 18,643 reservists (3%)

Ramat Gan: 12,441 reservists (2%)

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