Lone soldier from Berlin who stopped 2 terrorists: "I never imagined it happening to me"

Sergeant Alon Lederman watched IDF soldiers on TV as a child in Berlin and decided he had to join the IDF. After making Aliyah, he neutralized one terrorist and prevented another one from executing his plan during the 3rd year of his service. In a special interview with Channel 2 News, he spoke about those very moments at the checkpoint.
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How many Israelis have thwarted a terror attack? How many have done it more than once? How many have foiled more than one in less than a year? Sergeant Alon Lederman, a combat soldier in the IDF Military Police Corps Checkpoints Unit, saved his comrade’s life and probably additional lives of civilians when he neutralized one terrorist and overtook another one this past year. Feats he never imagined to accomplish when he made Aliyah from Berlin 3 years ago in order to join the IDF.

21-year-old Sergeant Lederman made Aliyah from Germany on his own in 2013 and enlisted as a lone soldier to serve in the IDF. Two weeks ago, he told his parents over the phone for the second time this year that he neutralized a terrorist. He told them about the moments in which he fired at the terrorist who was attacking his friend Private Matan Rinski, who was injured during the terror attack.

In his first interview since the terror attack, Lederman recalled the situation: "It was past 10:00 PM on a Friday night, a terrorist approached Matan who was 50 feet from me. The terrorist jumped at him and stabbed him. When Matan managed to break free from him and run away, the terrorist went after him, trying to stab him again. I ran after the terrorist and when I had a clear shot, I took it." The shot neutralized the terrorist who later died of his wounds.

Lederman visits Rinski at the hospital Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Lederman was mentally and operationally prepared for this situation. In January, he thwarted another terrorist's attempt. "A soldier at the checkpoint noticed a suspicious individual inside a bus," explained Lederman. “They brought him out the bus so I could frisk him. When I asked him to remove his coat, he tried to pull out a knife. We aimed our guns at him and when he froze up, we tackled him and took the knife from him."

The decision to join the IDF Lederman made when he was younger when he was watching the footage of IDF soldiers on the television entering Gaza during Operation Cast Lead. But even when he was dreaming about it from Berlin, he never imagined he would find himself in the sort of situations he experienced this past year.

"I heard of this stuff happening but I didn't expect it to happen to me," he says. "I come from a world where there aren't suicide bombers who go after soldiers, it seems weird and farfetched. It just so happens to be that I, who has nothing to do with this stuff, get involved in it but I'm proud to be a part of it."

After the last terror attack in which he was involved, Lederman came to the hospital to visit his wounded friend. "Matan kissed me on the cheek and said I'm his hero," said Lederman. “He said he didn't know how to thank me, he was very emotional."

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