Ultra-Orthodox announcement call for religious Jewish children to attack Haredi IDF soldiers

The Israeli ultra-Orthodox fight against religious Jewish soldiers has been taken to another level: A flyer distributed throughout Bnei Brak offers prizes up to 810 NIS for any Haredi child who yells at a religious IDF soldier and is placed inside of a police vehicle.
The flyer that was distributed throughout Bnei Brak Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

The Haredi fight against kippah-wearing IDF soldiers is worsening. An anonymous flyer that was distributed throughout the streets of the Israeli ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak and was also published within Haredi newspapers offers monetary prizes for ultra-Orthodox children who verbally attack religious Jewish IDF soldiers.

The flyer promises up to 530 NIS for each Haredi child up to the age of 15 who is placed inside of an Israel Police vehicle for yelling at a soldier and an additional 290 NIS if the Haredi child is beaten either while being arrested or during a delayed interrogation.

The flyer is directed against policemen and also against ultra-Orthodox IDF soldiers, nicknamed “hardakim,” which in Hebrew is a combination of the words “Haredi” and “insects”. “The greatest of Israel were correct when they said to denounce them with the cries ‘out with the hardakim’ so that they won’t infect us,” the announcement read. “Righteous children! With your shouts of ‘out with the hardakim’ – you have the chance to receive gifts of up to 810 NIS.”

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