Undercover Border Police operating at a riot in Bethlehem caught on camera

Ahead of US President Donald Trump's visit to Israel, Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza held a "Day of Rage," violently rioting against IDF forces. An undercover Israeli Border Police unit conducted an operation amongst the rioters to arrest inciters, and were caught on camera.
Photo Credit: PA/Channel 2 News

An undercover Israeli Border Police unit was caught on camera during today’s (Friday) riots in Bethlehem. The covert unit was hiding amongst the Palestinian rioters, operating in the area to arrest instigators. Throughout the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, a “Day of Rage” called by Hamas, is taking place ahead of US President Donald Trump’s upcoming visit. 

The pictures below were taken by Palestinian Authority officials as dozens of Palestinian youths threw stones at IDF forces operating in the area. After the undercover unit began their operation, another IDF unit, in uniform, arrived as reinforcements.  Five Palestinians, including three minors, were arrested and taken into custody.

5 Palestinians arrested in Bethlehem during riots Photo Credit: PA/Channel 2 News

Along the border with the Gaza Strip there were disturbances at several locations. Several hundred rioters were dispersed by IDF forces using rubber bullets and tear gas. Thirty Palestinians were reportedly injured.

Masked undercover police on scene (left) Photo Credit: PA/Channel 2 News
Masked undercover Border Police on scene (center) Photo Credit: PA/Channel 2 News
Riots in Bethlehem today Photo Credit: PA/Channel 2 News
Riots on Gaza Strip border Photo Credit: Channel 2 News

One of the primary campaigns the IDF and the Israeli Border Police have been concentrating their efforts on in recent months is a campaign against the popularization of terrorism throughout the West Bank. The Etzion Regional Division, which undertook this campaign as its central focus, conducts many operations and activities to quell this phenomenon.  

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