Watch: Only 15% completed this IAF pilot’s course

Three years after beginning the hardest and most prestigious course in the IDF, the graduates of the Israeli Air Force Pilot’s Course will celebrate the end of their course. Only 15% of the cadets who started the course completed it.
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On Thursday, another Israeli Air Force (IAF) Pilot’s Course will come to an end. As in every course, the IAF published some data on the fresh graduates.

According to the data, 46% of the cadets who are completing the course are citizens of northern Israel, another 46% of the center and only 8% from the south. In addition, 71% of the graduates took part in different youth movements while in school.

Only 15% of the cadets who started the prestigious course will stand in the ceremony on Thursday. During the course, 22% of the graduates completed their bachelor’s degree in Information Systems Management, 30% in Politics and Governance and 24% in Mathematics and Computer Science.  

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