Watch: IDF simulators that help soldiers train for complex situations

Many IDF soldiers who will have to deal with complex situations and extreme scenarios during their service are trained on the army’s various simulators. These simulators help the soldiers gain the confidence and skill they need in order to succeed in the field.

Watch: All of the IDF's simulators

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Before IDF soldiers are sent to handle complex situations, they are trained on how to deal with the extreme scenarios by using computers and advanced technology. The IDF has several advanced simulators that allow the soldiers to practice dealing with the various threats they will most likely face in the field.

The Israeli Air Force’s Lavi Simulator: The Lavi plane is the training aircraft used by new pilots and navigators in the IAF during their operational training course. The new pilots and navigators who train on the simulator feel as if they are inside one of the IAF’s Lavi planes because the simulator almost exactly replicates how a flight inside this type of aircraft feels. The simulator allows them to practice dealing with several threats. The goal is to prepare them for every possible threat that they could encounter as ordinary combat pilots and navigators.

Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit/Channel 2 News

Nahal Brigade Simulator: At the Nahal Brigade training base, there is a special simulator that mimics a shooting range. Soldiers are able to practice shooting in front of a giant screen onto which various images can be projected. For instance, the simulator can make it appear as if a terrorist is running toward the soldier with a knife and the soldier must decide when he needs to shoot him. The simulator shows real scenes with which soldiers are familiar such as the Abu Sneina neighborhood in Hebron.

SimCity Simulator: This simulator is used to train the IDF soldiers who are cyber and technology experts. The simulator lets the soldiers experience what an emergency situation feels like. For instance, the simulator will give the soldiers five hours to deal with a cyber-attack launched by a terrorist organization that shuts down all of the infrastructures and systems in a large Israeli city.

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